Same Day Loans – When You Need Cash in 24 Hours

What would you do if your month’s pay is exhausted and you have some urgent need of cash? A bank overdraft is an option but that comes with a fee. Here is one option which is cheaper than a bank overdraft. It is called a same day loan.

A same day loan offers an easy loan option to individuals who are in urgent need of extra cash. A same day loan can be alternately called as a pay day loan or a cash advance. A typical characteristic of these loans is that a fixed finance charge is associated with these loans and there is no interest if payments are made in time.

Advantages of same day loans:

If we take a look at the uses into which the same day loans are put into, we can easily make out how valuable the service is. Imagine a sudden large expenditure comes up at your home during a particular month and you exhaust your month’s salary in the 2nd week of the month. A credit card bill follows or a rental payment is to be made out. In case of a credit card if you don’t make the payments then there is a chance of delinquency which would involve a large financial charge along with the interest charges. In case of a rental payment the goodwill of the owner is lost if payments are not made in time.

A same day loan is ideal for all income levels so borrowers are not returned empty handed.

The most important advantage of a same day loan is that it can be obtained in a very short notice and that is the reason why “same day” prefix is there.

The borrowers can avail of these loans approximately in the range of £80-£750.

The repayments are automatically taken from the borrower’s bank account when the next month’s pay comes.
A same day loan is a short term loan with the repayments being made by the borrower within 2-3 weeks so the lenders are willing to offer these loans to people with bad credit history also.

What they look for?

There are some basic requirements laid down by the lender for getting a same day loan. These requirements substantiate the financial ability of the borrowers of repaying the loan. The lenders look for a minimum monthly income and in addition to that the borrowers should have a bank account.

What you should look for?

In the process of filling up a loan application some lenders require documentation that needs to be faxed. If you need fast cash as in case of a same day loan faxing documents might delay the loan approval process. This happens in case of a fax same day lender.

But if you choose a no fax same day lender the lender will verify the information supplied by you by contacting your bank and your employer. In case of these lenders the money is received fast in the account of the borrower.

So choose a no fax pay day/same day lender for quick loan approval process.

Want instant approval? Go online

Online option gives you a chance of accessing multiple lenders in a single click of the mouse. You can then compare the charges associated with these different lenders. You can also look for the different guidelines, terms etc. associated with these loans. Once you locate a suitable loan you can then apply online and then the whole process would be very fast. An in a few hours the money would get deposited in your bank account.